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Aug 10, 2012· Hi guys, Here's a project I'm working on for my eventual coal hauling railroad. A while back I got interested in rotary dumpers. The rotary that got my interest was the Salida Colorado one used to transfer bulk loads from narrow gauge cars to standard gauge cars.

Rotary Coal Tipple---Introducing the incredible Lionel Rotary Coal Tipple—the ultimate in prototypical function and railroading fun! To unload, this accessory flips the Bathtub Gondola upside down dumping the coal while the car remains on the track, coupled to the rest of the Bathtub Gondola consist.

Walthers Rotary Coal Dumper. Walthers Rotary Dumper Modification. The modification of a Walthers Rotary Dumper to handle two bay to quad hopper cars. Here's the rotary dumper finished per instruction and the kit box. When I installed the dumper into the pit I got a surprise. The bottom part of the grippers that ride on the cams in the pit didn ...

Rotary Dumper Building instructions. My Walthers Rotary Dumper had been sitting on a shelf for decades. Along came the internet access to information and companies merchandising. Searching on a working rotary dumper led me to : ROTARY RAILCAR DUMPER & TRAIN POSITIONER ON THE TETON SHORT LINE Wayne Roderick, 3rd Division, PNR, NMRA (life)

Dec 21, 2009· Hi there, I just thought that I'd put a post up to say that I'm currently building a HO scale coal layout, that works. I have a Walthers New River Mining Co. coal mine, which I've adapted to hold 'coal', and load hopper cars, and have recently been working on a project to animate a Walthers Rotary Dumper, that I managed to win on Ebay.

3D - Rotary Coal Dumper. Fri, 2019-05-03 16:07 — johnsong53. Scenery - Structures; I have been reading with interest for some time all of the things that are being created in railroad with 3D . I finally broke down an purchased a printer and decided to …

Dec 22, 2013· This is the Single Rail Car Dumper that has been in operation over 15 years. Drummond Coal purchased Heyl & Patterson Equipment, and are now building the the first Quad Car Coal Dumper at the ...

General Overview of Rotary Dump Gondola Types: ... Built in 1975 by Darby for PSCO, this car and its sisters were some of the first rotary dump coal trains in the American West. UFIX 5006 is an early tub-style rotary dump gondola. This is the single-tub design which was originally developed by Canadian Pacific in the late 1960s.

RTI has a tandem rotary dumper for continuously unloading railcars in unit trains. The dumper allows trains to be unloaded without separating the railcars from one another. The dumper system is rated at an unloading rate of 6,000 metric tonnes per hour.

Richmond Engineering Works offers complete state-of-the-art engineering, fabrication, and installation of Rotary Railcar Dumpers / Coal Wagon Tipplers. Typically, we design Dumpers for US traincars that weigh between 280,000 and 315,000 pounds. Also for a 3,500 TPH and 35 to 45 second cycle time.

Rotary dumpers can be found at all types of heavy industries that need to unload large quantities of raw materials in a hurry. At steel works, they handle hoppers of limestone as well as coal for the coke ovens.

The Walthers Cornerstone Rotary Dumper is a great addition to all types of heavy industries that need to unload large quantities of raw materials in a hurry. Paper mills like Superior Paper that don't have their own debarking or chipping facility receive shipments of wood chips by train.

Prior to this change, coal was delivered using NS Top Gon and ex-Conrail bathtub steel cars which, in the winter months, had to be flame-thawed prior to being shoved into the rotary dumper. Since Top Gons are not rotary cars, each car had to be uncoupled at both ends prior to the rotary dumper …

When trackside, notice that some coal drags have all the rotary coupler ends aligned properly, which means it's for sure heading to a rotary dump plant. On others you'll notice some mismatched coupler ends. This train ain't goin' to no rotary dump plant. I hope this helps. Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 03/03/12 13:18 by moltensulphur.

retrofits to dumpers of our own supply, and our competitors. We handle turnkey dumper barrel replacements, plus a listing of (28) twenty-eight design modifications for existing rotary railcar dumpers and positioners that improve reliability, maintainability, and safety. Rotary railcar dumpers …

The rotary railcar dumper is an effective, time-tested machine for transferring bulk materials, especially for unloading coal at power plants. The rotary dumper makes unloading coal a quick and simple process that eliminates waste while saving time and money.

Rotary railroad car dumpers first gained widespread adoption for bulk materials transportation no more than 50 years ago. At that time, the concept of rotating a loaded railcar 180 degrees to dump ...

In mid-1996, after 15 years and nearly 500,000 rotations to unload 50 million tons of coal, the Heyl & Patterson-manufactured rotary dumper at the Grand River Dam Authority`s (GRDA) two-unit ...

If they are not making new Coal Tipples or Coal Dumpers, then will they still have their supppliers make more new Coal Gondolas in other paint schemes. It would be appreciated if Lionel had also made a Trinity Railcar or Railcar America Five-Bay Rapid Discharge Coal Hopper with rotary couplers for use in previous Rotary Coal Tipples. Andrew

Nov 15, 2010· N Scale Rotary Coal Dumper. Posted by hepkat63 on Monday, November 15, 2010 3:27 AM Hi All, as I am too stupid to make one - is there anyone out there kind enough to offer their services? I would like a fully working Rotary Coal Dumper in N Scale. Not sure if this is the place to ask - but I if I am posting the wrong area please let me know?

May 25, 2008· Rotary dumpers are expensive, have to be maintained, and there are ways to damage them, whereas rapid-discharge is fairly foolproof. The drawback to rapid-discharge is the cars weigh about 4,000 lbs. more, which means every round trip made by a 150-car train it hauls 300 less tons of coal -- but you're still paying the railroad the same ...

Feb 22, 2012· In fact, we can service any dumper, regardless of its original manufacturer. Heyl & Patterson provides superior customer support before, during and after the purchase of every product we supply. For more information about Heyl & Patterson's Rotary Railcar Dumpers,

Sep 27, 2014· Making a google research about Mc Myler Rotary coal dumper will give you many pictures of the monster and some model build of these rotary. The plan are the real plan of dumper, of course everything need to be scratchbuild. I am in the slow way to build one in Nscale, a real challeng to make it working and well detailled..

Alibaba.com offers 583 rotary dumper products. About 3% of these are other construction machinery, 1% are loaders, and 1% are concrete truck. A wide variety of rotary dumper options are available to you, such as euro 3, euro 2, and euro 4.

Aug 27, 2010· Trains pull through the car dumper and the cars are not uncoupled to dump. I've seen coal trains of over 100 cars move through a dumper without uncoupling, so the rotary couplers seem to be used in interchange service cars without problem.

Rotary Dumper Building instructions. TL;DR : Coal dumpers need an H bridge underneath to raise and lower the clamps. Coal dumpers are made different than the wood chip dumpers as they are shorter - cut off the parts along the scored lines.

Interface jack to connect to rotary dumper for power and sound External power terminals for independent operation Note sound features are available only when connected to the command control rotary dumper Gauge: Traditional O Gauge