I-2/BPST Inc., located in Union New Jersey, is a manufacturers' distributor and provider of bulk material processing and handling equipment & systems. I-2/BPST can assist you with selection, implementation and installation of bulk solids equipment for industrial material handling systems.

Full line of custom volumetric and gravimetric material handling equipment and systems; Engineered for continuous or batch processing of dry material in industrial applications; Accurately feed and measure a wide range of materials from free-flowing pellets and powders to sluggish bulk solids

Convey, load, unload, weigh, feed, and process virtually any bulk solid material Flexicon Corporation is a world leader in the design and manufacture of bulk handling equipment and custom-engineered and integrated plant-wide systems.Flexicon products range from individual equipment to automated systems that source bulk material from interior and exterior plant locations, transport it between ...

Vortex offers a wide range of solids handling components for dry bulk material handling application. Our Slide Gates, Diverters, Loading Spouts & Iris Valves handle nearly any type of dry solids, from fine powders to heavy ore. Vortex's design philosophy is to develop products that compensate for wear, require minimal spare parts, provide in-line maintenance, and maintain a longer service ...

Bulk processing manufacturer representative primarily serving Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee and Kentucky for companies who manufacture commercial and industrial equipment systems for dry bulk material handling, air handling, and air pollution control systems.

Continuous Weighing and Feeding of Bulk Materials since 1949. Thayer Scale is the pioneering developer of continuous weighing and feeding equipment for the dry solids conveying and processing industries. Our equipment provides that rare combination of precision measurement and extreme reliability in a wide variety of industries and markets.

About Solids Processing Solids Processing Equipment Company (SPEC) is a systems integration company specializing in the Dry Bulk Solids Material Handling Industry. For 25 years, SPEC has been providing solutions to businesses on the West Coast in the areas of systems design, equipment and component sales, existing systems support, Preventative Maintenance and systems construction.

material handling, bulk solids, pnuematic conveying, conveyor, processing equipment Source: Nu-Con Equipment Nu-Con specializes in the field of bulk solids material handling, offering a full design, manufacture, installation and start-up service in any part of the world.

By H. Wichers – Cement is a bulk material handled in charges of tens of thousand tons down to bags of a few kilogram. The bulk transport in ships needs a high-performance transfer system, which, if need be, can change between various unloading points. (From the archive of "bulk solids handling", art...

May 29, 2019· If you are in the powder and bulk solids material handling industry, then you know that engineering bulk solids handling systems entail achieving complicated designs to ensure material flow problems do not occur. Sometimes finding the most cost-effective steps to engineering bulk solids handling systems to solve those problems can be a challenge.

What is product bridging and rat-holing? And how can it be prevented? Subscribe by Email. Posted on Jun 09, 2016 | Tags: material handling, chemical feed systems, bulk solids handling. Over the last 26 years VeloDyne has handled all types of chemicals, powders, pellets, flakes and chips. Through handling various materials, a lot of testing and ...

Bulk Solid Handling. A broad range of process equipment & systems for bulk material handling for various industries from cement to agriculture. Speak with an engineer. Bulk Bag Equipment. See More... Conveying Systems. See More... Consult With An Engineer. Decades of Experience. 24/7 Support.

Sep 15, 2006· Material Transfer & Storage Inc., Allegan, MI 800-836-7068 Self-Dumping Hopper The Orange Box self-dumping hopper is an easy-empty container that provides a safer method of material handling and "hands free" dumping. The forklift driver remains safely seated on the forklift during the dumping process.

Bulk Solids Transportation and Storage Systems. Selecting suitable equipment for reliable bulk solids storage, handling and transportation. Problems with the storage of bulk solids in bins and silos can be avoided if they are designed with respect to the flow properties of the dry bulk material which has to be stored or loaded/unloaded.

The range of industry applications for Spiroflow powder and dry bulk solids handling equipment and systems is as diverse as the vast number of materials processed. Rarely does anyone want an off the shelf conveyor, bulk bag filler or bulk bag discharger .

Sep 13, 2017· Wrapping up: New trends and challenges in powder and bulk solids handling. The field of powder and bulk material handling equipment continues evolving. Some new trends in the industry include: More thorough equipment testing and evaluation before system selection and implementation

Bulk Material Systems (BMS) is a manufacturer's representative specializing in providing equipment solutions for your dry material handling problems. We serve the food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and chemical industries in Southern California. Our Products page will help you find our principals and the equipment you need to assist in making your operation more efficient and profitable.

Feeders, weigh feeders, sifters and pneumatic conveying systems for handling dry bulk solids materials. Solimar Pneumatics. Solimar is a leading supplier of disk-type fluidizers for the discharge of powder and bulk solids for many applications including silos, hoppers, bins and trailers.

The ability to provide expert solutions to wide range of industries derives from a team of experts who have long years of experience in designing, production and installation of industrial components and systems. Each phase of a bulk material handling project is critical to achieve desired performance and required safety. Our team of highly […]

BULK HANDLING EQUIPMENT & SYSTEMS . Flexible Screw Conveyors Flexible Screw Conveyors handle virtually any bulk solid material. Depending on model, conveyor tubes can be curved around, over, or under obstructions, and routed through small holes in walls or ceilings. Only one moving part contacts material.

As bulk materials handling specialists, Airmatic's SERVICE GROUP provides mechanical contracting services for the installation and maintenance of systems, components such as belt conveyor components and accessories used to improve and control the flow of powders and bulk solids along belt conveyors and out of bins, hoppers, and silos.

Powder Bulk Solids. Adaptive Engineering & Fabrication (AEF) designs, engineers, fabricates, and installs pneumatic conveying and material handling systems.

Standard and customized material handling equipment for the dry bulk solids industry: Industrial screeners, sifters, automated particle-size analyzers, feeders and conveyors. Mixers, blenders, screw conveyors, separators, size reducers, grain cleaners and pressure leaf filters: HANKISON - Refrigerated and desiccant air dryers

Our goal is to supply bulk materials handling products, services and replacement parts that are safe, trouble-free to install, simple to maintain, and easy to operate. We work at providing products and systems that have superior performance characteristics and provide cost savings based on having the lowest life cycle costs.

Jan 19, 2018· The key to bulk material handling is material flow. The science of conveying bulk solids depends on understanding a material's flow properties. It is the most important variable to understand before designing bulk solids handling system or solving a flow problem.

Mar 24, 2017· The main function of a bulk material handling system is to continuously transport and supply bulk materials to units in processing plants. Secondary functions include storage and blending. In a typical bulk material handling system, raw materials (such as bulk solids and powders) are received from trucks, ships or trains.

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Dry Bulk Material Handling Equipment - NBE, INC dry bulk material handling equipment is designed and built to deliver real results to material processing operations. NBE designs, engineers, and manufactures bulk material handling equipment and fully integrated, automatic material handling systems. NBE bulk material handling equipment delivers maximum processing capacity and …